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Zoe Hutmacher


FILM (selected)

The Hills Ablaze | Supporting | Stephen Parnigoni
Crying Wolf | Lead | CCNY Thesis, Steven Braega
Her Silent Voice | Lead | Tisch School of the Arts, Meena Harish
Drive | Lead | Visual Poetry Project NYC, Adam Pivoritto, April Xiong
Unfettered | Supporting | VAEFF Festival/Tribeca, Tamara Hansen
Fastnacht | Lead | De man & De vos/Netherlands, Bart Voorbergen
Gotham City II | Lead | Jena Bild | Matthias Huser
Heiligendamm (with Hannah Schygulla) | Supporting | Micha Blume
Outpost | Lead | Bauhaus University Weimar | Sebastian Neumann
Wrong Country | Lead | HFBK Hamburg | Rayka Kobiella

TELEVISION (selected)

Mystery at the Museum | Co-Star | Travel Channel, div.
Private Banking | Guest-Star | SRF Switzerland, Bettina Oberli
Half Life | Supporting | MDR/Germany | Alice v. Gwinner
Tatort | Co-Star | ZDF/Germany | Thomas Bohn

THEATER (selected)

State Theatre Bregenz Austria
F2 | Samuel Beckett, Wry Smile Dry Sob/Kreation von Silvia Costa
Kraine Theatre NYC
NSU Monolouges | Michael Ruf (Stage for human rights Berlin)
Woman And War Festival London
Nepenthe | Miriam Ibrahim
Konzert Theater Bern Switzerland
Nora | Ingo Berk
Theater Basel
The Metopes Of The Parthenon | Romeo Castellucci
Magic Mountain | Claudia Chauchat | Thom Luz
Frankenstein | Elisabeth Delacy | Philipp Stölzl
Blood Wedding | Bride | Calixto Bieito
Isolde | Isolde | Richard Maxwell
Anna Karenina | Anna Karenina | Bettina Oberli
Like A Rolling Stone | Bob Dylan/Edie Sedgwick | Tomas Schweigen
Secret Theatre LIC/NY
Vestiges | Emma | Rayka Kobiella
Deutsche Theater Berlin
The Commune | Ditte | Rafael Sanchez
Space On White NYC
Live is overrated | Sana | Rayka Kobiella
Theaterhaus Jena
The Ring Of The Nibelung | Brunhild | Markus Heinzelmann
Medea | Medea | Kieran Joel
Hamlet | Hamlet | Alice Buddeberg
The Tempest | Miranda | Markus Heinzelmann
Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg
Electra | Electra | Nina Mattenklotz
Thalia Theater Hamburg
The Crucible | Mercy Lewis | Andreas Kriegenburg
Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg
The Segual | Nina | Cilli Drexel

VOICE OVER (selected)

Holysoft | Arkadien Part I+II/Kay Meyer | Marco Göllner
Bayrischer Rundfunk | To The Lighthouse/V. Woolf | Katja Langenbach
Bauhaus University | Into the Water| Tristan Vostry
Star Wars | Empire at War | PC Game | toneworxx HH | Lucasarts

3-year-conservatory of acting at Freese Studio in Hamburg/Germany, M. Chekhov Technique
AGR ongoing classes in Self-Marketing and Audition Technique;
On-Camera Classes, Sheila Nieves; Freeman Studio (Bob Krakower Technique)
Voice/Speech/Accent Acquisition: Jordan Yanco

Dual Citizenship (German, Swiss), US Green Card;
Voice: Mezzosopran, Languages Spoken: English, German; Accents: German, French;
Excellent in horseback-riding; Tennis (basic), improvisation; valid driver license